Land Life

September 16, 2019

Yep, we have a freezer on the boat but it’s tiny. This is true luxury – Frozen Dinners! And an ice maker! This is our freezer here in Kona. We only have about two more weeks of this before we go back to Legacy. Good bye freezer. Good bye ice maker. -Rich

Note from Cyndi: To landlubbers the above photo is no big deal: “Frozen dinners in a freezer, big deal, show us something special.” But to me (us) this is something special. It’s a Christmas miracle, a wonder of wonders, one of the most amazing sights ever! These are delicious, portion-controlled, relatively healthy dinners that when we get  hungry, we pop them into the magic microwave oven (another thing we don’t have on the boat) and dinner is ready in minutes! No long shopping trips, no trying to find elusive ingredients for recipes (why is it grocery stores are always out of the exact fresh herb I need?), no promising Rich only 20 minutes more ’til dinner when it’s actually 40.

I’d envisioned doing a lot of cooking in Hawaii as we have a real kitchen, but then I met Mr. Microwave and remembered that we used to love some of Stouffer’s frozen dinners. After finding those, we discovered Amy’s Bowls and Evol, yumbo! Yes, they’re short on vegetables and some nutrients, and when we get back to the boat I’ll be back to preparing more veggies, but for now it’s nice to get a break from cooking and working over a hot stove (we have fruit and unsweetened cereal for breakfast and go out for lunch). Life is good, very, very good! –Cyndi

PS: Oh yea, it’s nice to have some ice cream on hand, too!