I’m Not Loafing (too much)

August 20, 2019

Lest you think I’m just loafing on the beach, drinking Mai Tais, I give you this…

It’s a back cover I made for our *refrigerator thermostat. It’s designed using Fusion 360 and printed on our new 3D printer.

No, I didn’t buy a printer just to make this. I’m working on a new product. You see, in our past lives, we were toy inventors and have licensed quite a few electronic toys. I hate the toy business. Before we left, I dabbled in boat products and designed an electronic watermaker controller for a company in San Diego. I’m working on a new boat product while we’re in Hawaii. The printer has made prototyping so much easier!

OK, there’s also a lot of loafing and Mai Tai drinking going on as well! -Rich

*We had a Coastal Climate Control digital thermostat for our refrigerator and I loved it. It turns out it was not waterproof at all and it died when water from changing our watermaker filters got into the back of the unit (the back or the unit extends into our lazarette). I ordered another one and want it to last, thus the back cover.